The veloboy bag is made of very hard-wearing and waterproof polyester fabric. It has a beautiful grey and blue colour and can be used for stowing away the veloboy T2 as well as the front bike wheels. The veloboy bag is the perfect companion for your bike rack. 


Die veloboy Persenning ist zum Abdecken des Rades, sie schützt das Rad, das Gepäck  und den Autoinnenraum vor Beschädigung und Verschmutzung. Die veloboy Persenning wird unten eingeschlagen und mit einem Klettverschluß verschlossen. Die veloboy Persenning ist wie die veloboy Tasche aus strapazierfähigem wasserdichten Polyestergewebe in der Farbe silbergrau.

Maintenance Support

For maintenance work you can swing out the small optional support and place it under the bottom bracket ball bearing. That way the rear wheel is free and thus you can maintain the chain, the rear derailleur and the rear brake even when you're en route. 

Automatic Tension Belt

With the Automatic Tension Belt you can secure the load (bikes and veloboy) in the car. For this purpose the belt is attached to eyes (which are found in every car), and then tensioned. In this way the load is easily secured.

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