veloboy T1

FBike rack and loading tool for up to two sport bikes. You can comfortably load bikes onto the veloboy T1 outside of the vehicle and then simply roll them into the boot.

The veloboy T1 weighs a mere 3.5kg and is made from aluminium. The veloboy T1 is only 66cm wide and 127cm long. Thanks to this compact size, you can even still use one of the rear seats by positioning the veloboy on one side of the vehicle.

The fork brackets for the front fork are fastened to the in-house-developed profile rail with two T screws.

This way, the bikes can be placed onto the veloboy in a compact position with the fork brackets being able to be rotated and manoeuvred on the rail.

The veloboy T1 can also be equipped with a maintenance support which turns it into a mini mobile maintenance station.

All models are available for the fork brackets. For bike wheels, we also offer extremely robust veloboy wheel bags which are also suitable for 29" wheels.

Inside the vehicle, the bikes and the veloboy are held in place with a strap.