the bikeracks

veloboy T1,

the entry-level model for up to two sport bikes.

veloboy T2,
collapsible veloboy for up to two sport bikes.

forkmount and asseccories


The front fork can be tightened using a regular quick-release clamp or using a clamp which tightens the front fork in one go. These are the SMTB5 and SMTB6 brackets.
A fork bracket is also available for quick-release axles and left-hand models.


For bike wheels up to 29" in size there is also a robust bag made from polyester fibre. The bag can also be used with the collapsible veloboy T2.


The tarpaulin can be used with bikes which don't have a mudguard or a luggage rack and protects the interior of the car and the luggage from getting dirty as a result of the bike.

maintenance support

The veloboy T1 or T2 can be turned into a mobile maintenance station using the maintenance supports accessory.

Telescopic support

The telescopic support can be used with vehicles with a higher boot sill. It can be adjusted up to a height of 97cm.

height adjuster

With bikes which have suspension forks, the height adjuster can tighten the fork in order to minimise the height of the bike by between 90 and 100mm.


The veloboy, the bikes and the contents of the boot can all be properly secured using the strap and protective sleeving.