Maintenance Support

A small support can be folded out and positioned underneath the bottom bracket of the bike for the purposes of bike maintenance. This leaves the rear wheel free and means that components such as the chain, the gear mechanism and the rear brakes can be worked on whilst on the road.


The veloboy bag is made from extremely robust, waterproof polyester fibre in a silver colour. The bag can be used for the veloboy T2 or for bike wheels. The veloboy bag means you are perfectly equipped.


The veloboy tarpaulin is used to cover the bike. It protects the bike, luggage and interior of the vehicle from damage or getting dirty. The veloboy tarpaulin is folded in at the bottom and closed using a Velcro fastener. Just like the veloboy bag, the veloboy tarpaulin is made from robust, waterproof polyester fibre in silver.


The contents of the vehicle can be secured using this strap. The strap is attached to the brackets contained in all vehicles and wrapped around the bikes. The strap has protective sleeving.


Telescopic support to adjust to the boot sill height of the vehicle. The support can be adjusted to 4 different lengths between 60cm and approximately 100 cm.